谈谈影响你 Google Adsense 收入的单价平衡机制 Smart Price

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我想做Adsense广告的站长应该都遇到过自己的账号隔一段时间会遇到很大的单价浮动,事实上影响 Google Adsense 广告单价的幕后英雄是 Smart Price 机制,顾名思义是 Google Adsense 为平衡广告发布者的利益设置的价格平衡系统,早前我在Google AdSense 广告单价低你可能进入了操作误区里面有提到的智能定价广告的概念,目前可以知道的是:

  1. Smart Price 会影响整个帐户, 而不是单个通道
  2. Smart Price 的活动周期以周为单位
  3. Smart Price 的活动周期以月为单位

Smart Price 的目的就是为了广告发布商(AdWords)平衡价格,简单地说如果来自一个Adsense帐户的引导没有最终为广告发布商带来效益,在下一个 Smart Price 的活动周期单价就会下降,Adsense 有自己的和已经给广告发布商的分别评价系统。

Smart Price 即为保护广告发布商的利益,其实也为自己考虑,它需要真正能为广告发布商带来效益才是其广告计划的发展根本(请多体会这句)。

所以一个坏的通道,会影响整个帐户,就博主我目前所知,几乎每个站长都在多个站点投放了一个Adsense的广告,如果你其中一个站点的质量比较差,那么是非常有可能触发 Smart Price 机制,给整个账号带来一个周期内的低价广告。

在网页投放广告方面,因为 Smart Price 如果着眼于颜色一体,浏览者的误点击或者浏览者无意点击等等,这样的点击不会为广告发布商带来任何效益,所以不久会影响帐户的 Smart Price,从而影响整个帐户,这就象左派武功一样,虽然短时间内很见效,但长远考虑就不及正宗武功那样深厚了。



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本文仅是理论并未提供实际的已经触发 Smart Price 机制的解决办法,因为解除该机制的方法目前只有提升自己网站的内容质量或者直接把你低质量的网站广告撤下,暂时别无他法。

English Reading:

I want to be the Adsense advertising webmaster should have encountered their own account will encounter a large price fluctuation every other time, in fact, the behind-the-scenes hero that affects the Google Adsense advertising unit price is Smart Price mechanism, as the name suggests is Google Adsense's price-balancing system for balancing the interests of advertisers. I have previously mentioned the concept of smart pricing advertising in Google AdSense ad unit price is low, you may have entered operational misunderstandings.What you can currently know is:

  1. Smart Price affects the entire account, not a single channel
  2. Smart Price's activity cycle is in weeks
  3. Smart Price's activity cycle is in months

The purpose of Smart Price is to balance the price for advertisers. Simply put, if the guidance from an Adsense account does not ultimately benefit the publisher, the unit price of the next Smart Price will decrease, and Adsense has its own And the separate evaluation system that has been given to the publisher.

Smart Price is to protect the interests of advertisers, but also for their own consideration, it needs to really bring benefits to advertisers is the development of its advertising program (please understand this sentence) .

So a bad channel will affect the entire account. As far as the bloggers are concerned, almost every webmaster has placed an Adsense advertisement on multiple sites. If the quality of one of your sites is poor, then it is very It may trigger the Smart Price mechanism to bring a low-cost ad within a period to the entire account.

In the case of advertising on the webpage, because Smart Price focuses on the color, the viewer's accidental click or the viewer's unintentional click, etc., such a click will not bring any benefit to the publisher, so it will affect the account Smart Price soon. This affects the entire account, which is like the left martial arts. Although it is effective in a short period of time, the long-term consideration is not as deep as the authentic martial arts.

Later, the unit price of 0.5 click rate will be much higher than the unit price of your 1.5-2.0 (or higher) click rate, and when your click rate returns to 0.5, your price is already terrible, just like the Yellow River water. The river embankment will be getting higher and higher.

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So the key is to build the content of the webpage, which has the information that the viewer really needs, and the placement of the advertisement, we can look at many real big websites abroad, usually in an independent, distinct and relevant form, so that the viewer can Choosing the content that is really interesting to produce real value, these big websites don't know all kinds of skills, but they know that only delivering truly valuable content to readers is the real way to advertise.

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This article is only a theory that does not provide a practical solution that has triggered the Smart Price mechanism, because the method of releasing the mechanism currently only improves the quality of the content of your own website or directly removes your low-quality website advertisements, there is no other way.

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